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Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are the foundation for your practice. The right mat can make a world of difference.

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Yoga Tools and Aids

Advanced items such as straps, belts and bells to bring your yoga practice up as you grow.

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Yoga Supplements

Minerals, oils and other yoga supplements to support and improve your yoga practice.

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From Just Getting Started to Advanced

Shop Yoga Props knows that everyone is on their own journey.  Whether you are just getting started or have you been practicing yoga for a while, Shop Yoga Props can help you move your practice along with the right tools.

We are a yoga store made by and for people that practice yoga, in every sense of the word.

Come and Join Us!

Feel Alive Yoga visits many trade shows and has pop-up events to meet new people practicing yoga and to learn what yoga props and accessories people want.  Check out our events and we will see you soon!

  • MargieMargie

    Holly's yoga class helps me to be more flexible and have better balance. I appreciate the way she gives alternatives to the various yoga positions so that I can do it at my own pace. Thank you! --Margie

  • TriciaTricia

    I have enjoyed practicing yoga with Holly for many years.  She offers a nonjudgmental, fun and adaptable practice were one is able to make the practice his/her own.

  • A. GaugerA. Gauger
    One of the many skills I have learned from Holly is to use my breath as a tool, not only in class, but in everyday life.
    Just about any kind of angst or discomfort can be ameliorated by using the breath as a calming device. She is quick to remind us that it is something we always have with us 🙂
  • A.K.S.A.K.S.

    Yoga has given me the opportunity to focus on my mind and body and quiet the demands of the outer world through relaxation and movement. Holly provides so many options in practice that anyone is able to participate to their comfort level. Her class has been a vital tool in my recovery to wellness on my cancer journey.

  • SamSam

    I really enjoy having Holly facilitate yoga in the workspace. Her calm presence and well-paced instruction provides me a great way to start the work week on Monday morning. I really appreciate her style of instruction that is challenging without straining and also very restorative.

Make It Happen

With the equipment you need from Shop Yoga Props, your yoga practice will be elevated.

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Every yoga practitioner walks their own path.  As you move along your path, would you like to make your journey smoother?

The right tools can make any job easier and more fulfilling.